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How to Spice Up Your Love Life with Feng Shui

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, there’s no better time to take stock of our romantic lives. For some, that may mean examining the state of our existing romantic relationships, especially if we feel like we need to reignite the spark. For others, Valentine’s Day may prompt us to finally open ourselves up to the idea of love and romance. Of course, applying feng shui principles to your home, where most romantic partnerships develop and flourish, is a great way to enrich your love life. And unsurprisingly, the best feng shui tips for creating harmonious and loving romantic relationships often center on what’s going on in the bedroom. So no matter what your relationship status is and whether you’re looking to partner up, add some spice to your love life, or maintain an already burning flame, read on to see how feng shui can help!

First, let’s review what you should NOT have in the bedroom if you’re looking to focus on romantic connection and passion:


Is there a bigger mood killer than clutter? In feng shui, clutter represents stuck energy. Just as blockages or clogs in the body can cause illness and disease, clutter in your home can cause stuck-ness in certain areas of your life if allowed to build up. This happens because it’s very difficult for positive energy to flow easily and healthfully in a space where there’s stuff everywhere you turn, so negative influences are more likely to creep in and find a home. If you’re finding that your love life is lacking passion or feels stale or tense, clean up your bedroom!

For those who are single and looking to find love, make sure to also remove anything from a past relationship or anything that carries the energy of a past romantic partner. We cannot open ourselves up to new romance if we’re constantly carrying around the weight of old ones that didn’t work out.

Electronics, Work Items, and Exercise Equipment

These items are SUCH a distraction – you can easily get lured into checking email one more time or watching another episode on Netflix and put off connecting with your partner or checking in on yourself.

Pictures of Your Kids, Friends, or Relatives

This is often a tough one for people to understand, but think of it this way: your bedroom is about you connecting with your partner. You don’t want other people, including your kids, getting involved in or influencing your romantic life, and if you’re constantly reminded of them before you go to sleep or when you’re trying to connect, they’ll be brought into your relationship and get in the middle of things.

Anything Dead

This seems like an obvious one, but it bears mentioning. This can be pictures or representations of dead relatives (a huge no-no), dried flowers, or even a toy from a pet that has passed away. In the bedroom, we only want things that are alive and thriving and represent life.

Now for the fun part! Let’s review some feng shui steps that you can take to attract more love and passion into your life:

Check the Bed Size and Placement

Make sure your bed is big enough for two and that you can easily enter it from both sides. This shows that you are open and willing to create an equal partnership and sustain a romance. How would someone feel if they have to climb over you to get to their side of the bed each night? Probably as if they don't have an equal stake in the relationship or that you aren’t really ready to share your space (or your life) with someone.

Have Two Equal Nightstands

It’s important that you have two equal (in size and weight) nightstands next to each side of the bed. Particularly if you’re single (and looking to not be), two nightstands (instead of just one) show that you’re ready to enter into a romantic relationship and share your bed with someone. And nightstands that are the same or equal in size and weight signal that you’re ready to engage in an equal partnership and that both you and your partner are empowered and important in the relationship. Be sure to apply this concept to the lamps on the nightstands as well.

Review Your Art

The art in your bedroom should symbolize love, partnership, intimacy, things you like to do with your partner, or images that remind you of your relationship. Think about what would most get you in the loving mood! Stay away from any art that depicts single people, frozen landscapes, or tumultuous or violent images. This could prevent love from finding its way into your life or create tension and distance in your relationship. Having pairs of things, like candles or sculptures, or hanging pictures that depict pairs or couples is also great for balancing and strengthening the relationship since pairs represent partnership and equality (hence the two equal nightstands!).

Make Space

Is there room in your closet and drawers for another person to store their stuff? Making room in your closet, dressers, and nightstands can signal that you’re ready to share your space (and therefore your life) with another person. If you’re already in a partnership, make sure that you and your partner have equal storage space. This reflects the level of equality and balance in your relationship.

Bring in Earth and Fire Tones

Earth tones in the bedroom soothe, stabilize, and ground us, opening us up to receive romantic love and passion. Add small amounts of red, pink, and dark purple to boost passion and create intimacy. Be careful, though: adding too much bright red, pink, or purple to the bedroom will create lots of energy and it will be harder for you to relax and calm down (even with all this talk about love and romance, we can’t forget that the bedroom is also where we sleep).

Following these steps can help you attract more love and passion into your life, on Valentine’s Day and all year round. And who doesn’t want more of that?

Curious about other ways to improve the vibe in your bedroom? Check out the blog post The Best Feng Shui Practices for Your Bedroom.


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