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Odes to Bubble Gum Pink & Purple

I’ll admit, Bubble Gum Pink and Purple, you are still two of my all-time favorite colors, even though you tend to be more geared towards the young. But don't let anyone tell you otherwise: you are quite a pair, visually pleasing to the eye when standing next to each other and complimentary in your sentiments.

Bubble Gum Pink, there’s just something about you that makes me feel happy and calm. It must be a throwback to my childhood. But I don’t think I’m the only one who feels this way. Your true nature is to help dissipate aggression, and you do it well. After World War II, the government looked into ways to relieve the stress, discomfort, and claustrophobia that being submerged in a submarine caused sailors. So, in an effort to find the right solution, they experimented with changing the wall color of holding rooms for juvenile suspects, who were often aggressive, noisy, and angry when they were detained. Eventually, they tried you, Bubble Gum Pink, as the paint color and were amazed with the results. Within 20 minutes of the suspects being brought into the holding room in an agitated state, they calmed down, and after 30 minutes, a statistically significant number fell asleep! It was clear that you created this astonishing mood transition.

Purple, you also have a calming effect, and different shades of you tend to connote special meanings. You have been associated with higher spiritual connections and have historically been a royal color. Since the human eye cannot see ultraviolet light, and you cannot be mixed with primary colors (because you muddy them), you are associated with that which is not mundane, pragmatic, or of our realm. This is further reinforced by the fact that you and your sister, Magenta, cannot be reproduced with paints by mixing primary colors together.

Teenagers tend to gravitate towards you because they are not yet fully their own persons and they relate to a color that suggests a deeply rich, “higher meaning.” You are also good for more solitary experiences.

Bubble Gum Pink and Purple, there are no colors quite like you. Your bright, happy, and calming presences leave us tickled pink and laid out in lavender.

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