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First Impressions

Why is our first look into a space so important? Well, it often tells us a lot about how we’re going to feel. Our first view sets the tone for our experience in a dwelling: are we excited to be there based on what we see, or are we dreading what we’re about to walk into? With our first view, we may feel safe, creative, light, and enthusiastic and know that we can relax in and enjoy our new environment. Or, we may start to feel stressed and on edge if we see dark corners, poor lighting, dirty interiors, and crowded spaces. The first look also gives us great insight into the person or business that we’re about to meet. How is this person or business going to conduct themselves? Will this be a good experience for me, or do I need to brace myself for something unpleasant? It helps to explain why we may feel nervous in a doctor’s office, excited at a trendy restaurant, or comfortable in a library. First impressions matter.


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