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How to Add Vitality to Your Home

Now that we’re all home so much (thanks, 2020), you may be taking more of a critical eye to your surroundings. Typically, under normal conditions, we’re in and out of our spaces so much (going to work, meeting friends and family, traveling) that it’s easy to overlook how our homes really make us feel. But I think we can all agree that that's been pretty hard to ignore this year. For some, we may notice that things in our home feel a bit drab or outdated. Or maybe we’re not feeling comfortable, excited, or inspired by what we’re seeing. And if you’re anything like me, you may suddenly be realizing why that rug you bought was so heavily discounted (hint: it’s ugly).

Being at home so much also means that we’re missing out on the activity and stimulation that we were encountering when we were more freely able to move around outside of the house. Going for dinner in a crowded restaurant, seeing a concert, and talking with coworkers during morning coffee added an energy to our lives that we’ve been missing these past few months. Feelings of longing for that hustle and bustle that we all took for granted coupled with being surrounded by less-than-inspired décor can, frankly, bum us out! And as winter approaches and the days get darker and colder, we may need to infuse our spaces with some summer vibes (aka LIFE). So, if you’re feeling like your home is too quiet, lifeless, or dull, check out these easy, inexpensive, and fun ways to add some vitality to your space!

Make Some Noise

Add things to your home that create sound. In feng shui, we strive to have a variety of sounds that are intermittent and unexpected with a cadence of resonance. Good examples of this include footsteps on a hard surface, a breeze rustling plant leaves, door bells, bells on interior doors, time pieces, small water fountains, and wind chimes. Sound helps with feelings of isolation, relaxes us, and distracts us from disliked activities. But noise can also come from more common and everyday sources, like music or television. Television, in particular, has been shown to help with feelings of isolation and loneliness, as it can act as a companion, serve as a link to the outside world, and provide comfort, entertainment, and continued education.

Color Your World

Consider adding some variety in color to your home. It can be simple, like a throw pillow or a new journal, or it can be more extreme, like an accent wall or a new couch. Keep in mind that the same color can mean different things to different people, so it’s perfectly okay if blue or red, instead of yellow or orange, makes you feel cheery and hopeful. Just remember that where you place a particular color in your home and the angle that you view it from can also affect how you feel in different and unique ways. And for more information about specific colors and their meanings, check out the odes to Yellow, Blue, Red, Orange, Green, White, Black, and Bubble Gum Pink and Purple.

Keep It Moving

Bring movement into your home. Not surprisingly, many of the items that bring sound into your space also bring movement, such as grandfather or cuckoo clocks, wind chimes, a water feature, or the breeze from a fan directed on a plant. But this is also a great opportunity to get creative and personal. Did you love toy train sets as a kid? Maybe now’s a good time to take it out of storage and set it up. Or perhaps you have an affinity for beaded curtains or hanging mobiles and want to hang one in a heavily trafficked passageway. Give yourself permission to think outside of the box and let your creative spirit run free!

Get Nature & Our Four-Legged Friends Involved

Nothing adds vitality to a space like, well, actual living things. Consider adding live plants to your home or adopting a pet, if you feel capable and comfortable doing so. Taking care of others helps ward off feelings of loneliness and boredom and gives us a renewed sense of purpose and meaning. It also infuses our homes and property with liveliness. If you need a lower-risk suggestion, try adding a bird feeder (or some other animal feeder) or birdbath to the outside of your home to invite active life force energy (aka animals) to visit or live on your land.

If you feel like this extended period of time at home has zapped some of your spirit, try adding some life to your space. It may make all the difference between suffering in isolation and thriving in a socially distant world!


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