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What is the Bagua: Part 4

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The bagua taken as a whole is obviously very powerful, and we mentioned in Part 3 how the different sections relate to and influence each other. But the bagua can be even more impactful when we look at each side as a unit.

The Left Side of the Bagua

The left side of the bagua has to do with the more challenging aspects of life. We suffer greatly when we lack wisdom, community, and power, leaving us unaware, isolated, and enslaved.

The Top of the Bagua

The top of the bagua (which translates to the back of the room or house when you're standing at the entrance) is the power area, dealing with the areas of our life that relate to fulfillment, self-actualization, and happiness. Since many people struggle with and want to improve these areas, most feng shui recommendations focus on increasing success in this section.

The Right Side of the Bagua

The right side of the bagua has to do with relationships – our significant and intimate relationships, our relationships with offspring or legacies, and our general concern for others. Connectedness with others is the main theme running through this section.

The Bottom of the Bagua

The bottom of the bagua (which translates to the front of the room or house when you're standing at the entrance) centers around motivation. These sections lay the foundation for and support future actions. This is made clear in a physical space because you must pass through these sections to proceed into the center of the room (other areas of your life). This section focuses on how we want others to see us and impacts the relationships we have with others and ourselves.

And that's it! We hope you know a lot more about the bagua now than before you started reading. Hopefully you also learned some helpful tips on how to apply it to your space.


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