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The Five Elements: Earth

You’ll remember that I'm in the middle of a series exploring the different qualities of each one of the Five Elements, and I’ve already covered Wood and Fire. Next, I’ll describe the different aspects associated with the Earth element, arguably one of the more important elements to strengthen in your space, especially in your home (you'll learn why below).


Colors: Yellow, terra cotta, peach, shades of brown, beige, earth tones, sand tones

Shape: Square

Materials: Clay, stone, bricks, rocks, tile, ceramics, marble, crystal, concrete, and sand; anything that comes from the earth that is not metal; earth landscapes; textiles with basket weave or plaid patterns; low and flat, square, or brick buildings; square-shaped tables and seating arrangements, king-sized beds, low cabinets, club chairs

Season: Late summer into Fall (transitional time)

Direction: Center

Life Cycle Stage: Midlife, transition

Meaning: Earth is associated with security, safety, sturdiness, stability, groundedness, centeredness, balance, comfort, honesty, reliability, responsibility, trust, a point of reference, skill at handling money

The use of Earth and its color, shape, line, or symbols can:

Strengthen: Stability, sustainability, unification, security, peace

Deter: Experimentation, adventurousness, free-spiritedness, independence,

conflict leading to change

A Word of Caution: Don’t bring Earth into a space if you want to evoke challenging or controversial conversation

How to Incorporate Earth into a Space: Use ceramic plates, add a peach tablecloth, arrange your living room furniture into a square shape, add a sand garden, hang a painting of an earth landscape, use a square table

Check out Metal next!


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