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How to Use Plants to Clean the Air

In case you haven’t noticed yet, winter has arrived. And even though it’s sunny almost every day here in Colorado, it’s colder outside, which means everyone is spending more time indoors. Being inside so much, and especially with the heat on, the air in our homes can start to feel stuffy and stale after a while. Air purifiers can be expensive and a hassle to maintain, and fans just blow the stale air around, so if it’s too cold or snowy to open your windows and you’re really feeling like you need some fresh air, bring in a plant!

Feng shui teaches that having plants inside helps elevate our mood and brings us closer to nature. But, certain plants also help to reduce hazardous chemicals in the air. These plants actually clean the air of pollutants and greatly improve indoor air quality. This was originally discovered by a scientist at NASA in the 1960s when the agency was experimenting with different ways to remove toxins from water and air. So whether you’re concerned that your building is making you sick or you just want to breathe easier, refer to this guide on the best plants to use to combat different airborne pollutants.

Plants That Eat Formaldehyde

Plants That Eat Xylene

Plants That Eat Ammonia

Plants That Eat Benzene

General Poison Eaters

What other ways do you keep the air inside your home fresh and clean?


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