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How to Prepare for a Feng Shui Consultation

It’s always a little nerve-wracking to have someone come into your home to perform a service. But the nerves can get amped up a lot when that someone is a feng shui practitioner who is there to make suggestions on how you can improve your space. We get it! It can take a lot of guts to admit you need some help and to reach out for it. But no matter how or when you get there, a feng shui consultation can be life changing. So, in an effort to help you maximize your session with the feng shui consultant of your choice and relieve any anxiety you might have about it, we present our official how-to guide on how to prepare for a feng shui consultation!

Discuss It with Your Family

It’s always a good idea to let your family (or anyone you might live with) know that a feng shui practitioner is coming over and what the process will look like. This way, you can all discuss your desires for certain rooms and decide as a group if any areas are “off limits.” Feng shui works best when everyone makes their feelings and wishes known. Keep in mind that most feng shui consultants will want to meet with all members of a household (if possible) when they come over, so typically you’ll have to have a discussion with everyone in advance anyways. But if you’re all on the same page, feng shui will be an exciting adventure that each one of you is invested in and not something you’re trying to sneak in without anyone noticing (feng shui is basically impossible to “sneak in” anyways).

Block Out the Time

Devoting your time and attention to the session and making it a priority shows that you place value on the process and want to get the most out of it. Don’t schedule any work, calls, or visitors during this time and try to keep all distractions to a minimum. If this means that you need to have pets stay with a friend or arrange for childcare for young children, do it. You’ll get the most out of the session when you can concentrate on what’s going on and how you’re really feeling in a space, instead of trying to make time for it around all of your other commitments.

Don’t Clean Up Beforehand

I know, I know, you want us to see you in the best possible light. And maybe you’re feeling a bit insecure about how your space will be received. But probably the worst thing you can do is try to show us a “not real life” version of your home. We want to see how you actually live, how your furniture and belongings are placed in each room, and how you keep and organize (or don’t organize) your stuff. Try not to be self-conscious: we’ve seen a lot of different homes in a lot of different states. Keep in mind that we’re looking for specific things that are blocking you, not nit-picking over whether or not you’ve dusted in the last few weeks. Which brings us to…

Don’t Feel Like You Have to Apologize!

You absolutely never have to apologize for how you live or how you’ve set up your home. This isn’t about shaming, blaming, or pointing out what you’ve done wrong. It’s about correcting those things in your space that are out of balance and holding you back so that you can live your best life possible. The whole point of feng shui is for your home to reflect who you are now and what you’re looking to achieve. As we change as people, our spaces should change with us, but most of us don’t think to do this or don't know how to do this. So we end up living in outdated or less-than-ideal arrangements. As feng shui practitioners, we know it’s not a reflection of who you are - life happens and sometimes certain areas in your home can spiral out of control or become neglected. That’s what we’re here to help you with!

Get Excited About the Possibilities

Every feng shui practitioner that I know genuinely wants your home to support and nourish you, and we love sharing our knowledge and expertise. We know first-hand the impact that feng shui can have on your life and how drastically it can improve things. When people see the difference that small changes can make, they are so excited and energized and often feel as if they’re in a completely new home. They feel freer, more in control of their lives, and as though they’re able to do things they never thought they could before. Try not to let your nerves or assumptions about a feng shui consultation stand in your way – you will be happy that you took this step towards improving your life!

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