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How Age Dictates Color Preferences

There’s no question that color is very important to us as humans. It plays an essential role in physical and physiological functioning, aesthetics, religion, and symbolism, and without it, life would be pretty dull and flat. And although each one of us responds to color, the specific colors that we gravitate towards can be completely different, affected by culture, life experiences, gender, and, interestingly, age.

Although it may seem as though personal inclinations dictate which colors you prefer, your age actually plays more of a primary role in determining color preferences than you may think. This was made clear by a study that sought to discover which colors various age groups (among those aged 28 and younger) preferred. Below are the results.

What does this mean for us? This study contributes to the idea that we as humans may be predisposed to like certain colors more than others at various points in our development. So the next time someone asks you what your favorite color is, be aware that your answer might not be as unique as you think.


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