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Feng Shui for TV Sets: Teen Soap Edition

Are you ready to travel back in time to 2003? Can you hear the Phantom Planet theme song haunting your dreams? Grab your low-rise jeans and hair straightener, the next installment in the series critiquing movie and TV sets from a feng shui perspective brings us to The O.C.!

Obviously, The O.C. takes place in glamorous and ritzy Orange County, and the homes are big, luxurious, and expensive. And for how much the show talks about them, they could actually be considered secondary characters. But this does not make them above feng shui principles! So let’s look at some exteriors: the Cohen house (the one on the right) and the Cooper house (the one on the left).

The Cohen house (on the right) and the Cooper house (on the left).

The Cohen house (on the right) and the Cooper house (on the left).

The Cohen house.

Although it’s good feng shui for a house to be at or above street level, look at how much higher above street level the Cohen house is. And how intensely steep that driveway is! To anyone driving up the street (or the driveway), this makes the house feel almost like an impenetrable fortress or castle instead of a family home. And look at the house in relation to its neighbor, the Cooper house. It’s basically a full house taller! This would make the house below street level feel dwarfed and overpowered. Houses below street level are already less-than-ideal, as negative energy tends to flood the house, and residents feel like they’re always fighting an uphill battle. This might help to explain all the money troubles the Coopers had!

The Cooper house.

Both of these houses are also at the end of a cul-de-sac, with the street literally continuing directly onto the Coopers’ driveway. With a cul-de-sac, energy tends to pool in the area, creating a feeling of stagnation, and a house that’s directly at the end of a road will be inundated with a constant bombardment of energy, so the residents will feel trapped and as though they always have to be on alert.

Hmm, maybe we didn’t have so much to be envious of after all...

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