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Feng Shui for TV Sets: Sitcom Edition, Part 1

I'm back at it! If you remember from my inaugural post critiquing old movie and TV sets from a feng shui perspective, I started with a romantic comedy and Kathleen Kelly’s bedroom in the classic You’ve Got Mail. Now, in the first of a two part series, I'm exploring another fan favorite genre: sitcoms! To lead us off, let’s look at the ever popular and ever wonderful Seinfeld set.

Who doesn’t love Jerry’s apartment on the show? Besides being one of the most recognizable TV sets out there, it looks pretty homey and open. Except for one area: Jerry’s desk! Jerry’s desk is backed up directly to a wall, so every time he looks up from his “work,” he’s seeing a dead-end. It wouldn’t surprise me if he felt blocked or stuck while working at that desk. He certainly might have a hard time creating anything inspired or imaginative – he has to physically turn his body to look at anything exciting.

And the desk, which is way too small for him and the amount of stuff he has, is nestled in this small alcove, so it probably feels even more closed-in and restrictive. For a comedian, or anyone who’s trying to maintain a sunny disposition and inspired flow, this desk and its placement will not be fostering any creative expression or positivity. Maybe that’s why we hardly ever see him sitting at it?

Let's give a special shout-out to the very ‘90s Excel how-to guide sitting on his desk. (And as a friend of mine asked, what does a comedian need with such a large Excel how-to guide anyways?)

Read on for Part 2!


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