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An Ode to the Color Green

Green, what color feels more alive than you? You represent freshness, youth, rejuvenation, newness, and feeling centered. Like your sister Orange, you are located at the midpoint between Blue and Yellow and, therefore, take on the characteristics of each. At one end of your spectrum, you signify an increase in life, nurturing and supporting us as we germinate, sprout, and grow. At the other end of your spectrum, though, you challenge life, showing us that growth and change are not always comfortable or safe. It’s no surprise, then, that you’re a great motivator for internal change, which is often challenging and hard.

Is it a coincidence that the vegetables that provide the most nutrient-rich life support for the body and are the healthiest to eat are dark green? We don’t think so. We also know that it’s best to use you in situations and places to motivate, to create a feeling of connectedness to nature, to stimulate conversation and learning, or as an accent in an area devoted to work.

But like any color, you’re not perfect, and you should be avoided when envy is possible (green with envy), where people might feel nauseated (turn green), or wherever the implication of a lack of full development would be insulting or inappropriate (some green apples are immature, green wine is not fully aged, and a greenhorn is new or inexperienced). You should also never be present in any facility that houses cancer patients since you promote growth (although you would do well in orthopedic units), and we would be wise to avoid you in the interiors of any moving vehicles in which you can see the movement (buses, cars, trains, and boats).

Oh, green, you are so uplifting! You are youthful and spirited, and one of your many gifts is that you give us the green light to move forward, grow, and change.

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