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5 Habits to Help Attract Financial Success

In feng shui, there are three life areas that a majority of consultations address: intimate relationships, your future, and money. Without question, money and wealth are big topics in feng shui. Not only do people want to know how they can bring more money into their lives, they want to use feng shui to specifically address financial health and wellness. Below are some simple and mindful habits that you can implement to help you keep the money you’ve got and hopefully bring more into your wallet.

Keep Your Wallet Neat and Tidy

Remember George Costanza’s wallet on Seinfeld? Think of that as a lesson in what NOT to do. The wallet is where we keep our money and credit cards, and as such, relates strongly to how we view and keep our personal finances. It’s important to go through your wallet regularly, discarding anything you don’t need any more and filing away important receipts or business cards. The worst thing you can do is neglect the things in your wallet or put off cleaning it out until later. Clutter can build up in your wallet just like in your attic or closet, and clutter in feng shui represents stuck energy. Clutter in your wallet could translate into feeling stuck in your financial life, and no one wants that.

Arrange Your Money

I know, this one sounds bizarre, but have you ever paid attention to how your money is arranged in your wallet or money clip? If not, you probably should. Just like your wallet, it’s best to keep your money organized and neat, with the bills all facing the same way and the heads on the bills sitting upright. Also, keep your change together in an easily accessible place, and not bouncing around at the bottom of your pocket or purse. This shows that you respect your money, are keeping good track of it, and taking steps to avoid financial chaos, which makes room for more money and good fortune to enter your life.

Don’t Store Your Purse on the Ground

My mentor used to say that anything that is kept on the floor is not highly valued or prized. And this makes sense, right? The floor is dirty, we step on it with our shoes, we actually physically look down at it, and we (well, most of us) do not sleep, eat, or sit on the floor. It is a less important place than areas that are closer to eye level. Knowing all this, why would you store your purse on the ground? Like the wallet, the purse represents your financial health. Give it a place of prominence in your house and don’t just throw it anywhere or (even worse) lose track of it in your own home. That can signify that you don’t really care about your wealth, so you might have a harder time drawing more of it to you. I like to have a designated “purse area” where I always put my bag when I’m home. This not only makes it easy for me to get to it when I need to, but it also signifies that I place importance on my purse, and by extension, my finances.

Organize Your Financial Files

This is probably the hardest one, especially if you’re not a naturally organized person. But having a clear understanding of what you’re keeping in your financial files and how your accounts are organized and being used is maybe the best thing you can do for yourself. As with the wallet, clear out from your files any old forms, receipts, reminders, or paystubs (the general rule of thumb is to keep things for one year, unless you need them for tax purposes). You definitely don’t want clutter in this area. Try to keep all of your current financial statements and documents together in one place. It makes it easier to find what you need and to get a clear picture of how you’re doing financially.

Pay Attention to Your Finances

Pay attention to your bank account activity. Are you still paying for a gym membership that you haven’t used in a year? Or a magazine subscription that you never read? Don’t waste your money on things that aren’t important to you. Clean up any automatic payments and start monitoring what you spend your money on. This is so easy today with all of the banking apps and digital alerts that we can tap into. Life is a lot easier to navigate when things are simplified, and this applies to your finances.

When you start valuing your money, it comes back to you! These are easy habits that you can start today. What other habits do you have to increase financial success?


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