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Graffiti along the Bloomingdale trail, Chicago 2015 by Victor Grigas

Brand and web design that's truly tailor-made for you.

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Picture it: you’ve started a business. You have an idea and from that, you’ve created your business plan, secured funding, and are ready to get started. But no one knows who you are yet. The last big piece of your launch, your brand, is hanging in the balance because you’re not sure how to compress everything that makes you unique and worthy of attention into a digital version that can be shared. Enter me. 


Your brand is like your signature and your website is your digital calling card, so it’s crucial that they’re reflective of you and what you offer. But sometimes, we’re too close and connected to our work to express its true essence clearly and accurately to outsiders. My job is to get to the core of who you are and turn that understanding into an authentic and beautiful digital representation. My job is to help you create a brand that you love. 


Whether you already have a logo and website that you’re not thrilled with or are starting completely from scratch, I’ll help you create a brand that is a natural extension of who you are and accurately conveys what you’re looking to achieve with your business. Not only will you love it, but you’ll be proud to show it to the world.

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I’m Jamie, a brand and website designer who uses my skills, experience, creativity, and intuition to design beautiful, customized digital materials. I founded Your Digital Essence in 2018 to create cool logos and websites for entrepreneurs and small business owners who aren’t able to do it for themselves. I’m always striving for my clients to feel seen through their branding. I’ve worn many hats throughout my career, including public health crusader, feminist activist, writer, and feng shui consultant, but shaping brands with other entrepreneurs and creatives has been the most fun of all.

Fun fact: My feng shui background informs my digital work, and I really like to blog about it

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